Stormwater Defined

Stormwater is water from rain, snow melt, or even the garden hose, that flows across the ground and pavement and enters into the storm drain system. This storm water flows directly to rivers and lakes with little or no treatment.

Storm Water Management Plan

The City has developed a Storm Water Management Plan (PDF) to provide residents and businesses direction concerning the administration and implementation of water resource activities within the City. This plan is intended to meet the requirements for a local watershed management plan as required by the Metropolitan Surface Water Management Act and be in conformance with Board of Water and Soil Resources (BSWR) Rules Chapter 8410. This plan also meets the needs, requirements, and direction outlined by the Lower Mississippi River Watershed Management Organization, Wetland Conservation Act of 1991, and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).    

A checklist (PDF) has been provided to assist developers with compliance with the Storm Water Management Plan when submitting plans to the City for approval.

MS4 Permit Reissuance

The MPCA reissued the MS4 General Permit (MNR040000) on November 16, 2020. The City of South St. Paul submitted a MS4 Reauthorization Application to the MPCA for their review. The MPCA reviewed this application for completeness and determined that it is complete. The 30-day public comment period for the City of South St. Paul’s SWPPP opened on September 14th,  2021 and concludes at 4:30pm on October 14th, 2021. 

Please see the following supporting documentation:

You may also find additional information on the MPCA’s Public Notices webpage by navigating to the City of South St. Paul’s Intent to Reissue NPDES and SDS MS4 General Permit here:

Also for public review is a brief memo and informational posterboard:

 Submitting written comments

The terms and conditions of the general permit are not open for public comment. The permit application, the eligibility for coverage under the general permit, and the ability to comply with requirements of the general permit are open for public comment.

To submit comments or petitions to the MPCA through the mail or email, you must state:

  1. Your interest in the permit application or the preliminary determination to issue coverage under a general permit.
  2. The action you wish the MPCA or Permittee to take, including specific references to the application materials you believe should be changed.
  3. The reasons supporting your position, stated with sufficient specificity as to allow the MPCA to investigate the merits of the position.

MPCA contact person Jeremy Sanoski @ 218.316.3888  or 

Additional Information

Reporting Pollutant Problems

If you see what appears to be someone illegally dumping anything into the city storm sewer system, or if you have any erosion control concerns, please contact City Engineer Nicholas Guilliams at 651-554-3214.