eUtility Billing

We are excited to announce that our e-billing and payment service is now available. The system is easy to use and allows you to view and pay your bills online. You can now schedule single or multiple payments, choose the date a payment is made, or sign up for Auto Pay so the payment will be made on the due date of your invoice. You can choose to continue to receive paper bills or receive paperless e-bills. If you choose to continue to receive paper bills, you will still be able to view and pay your bills online.

How to Access the New Service

Visit the City of South Saint Paul Utility Billing website.

To Pay or Register Your Account

To access your account, simply locate one of your old utility bills from the City. If you cannot locate an old bill, you can call or email the Utility Billing Customer Service desk to request your customer and account numbers. When you have them, click on the “Register Now” button and enter your customer number and account number. Remember to enter all digits, including the leading zeroes. See the following example:

Utility Bill Example

Select any invoice in the list that appears and click on the REGISTER SELECTED INVOICES button. You will be prompted to enter your email address and a password and you are registered. You can add payment options as well as sign up for paperless billing and email notifications.

If you own multiple properties in South St. Paul, you can link all of your accounts by using the same email address and password when you register each account.

One-Time Payments

If you choose, you can make a one-time payment using this same service. When you choose one-time payments, your payment information (credit card or bank account) will not be saved, however, you will receive email confirmation of the payment made.

If you want to make a payment on an account that has a zero balance due, you must register the account first; one-time payments are not available when the account has a zero balance due.


Only bills issued after January 2016 will be available for viewing online. Prior to a new bill being issued, this service will show the current balance due with the most recently issued invoice information.

Rental Properties:

Only property owners may register for an account. If you would like your tenant to receive notifications from the account, include an email address in the Courtesy Email field under My Profile and Update Account Information. Tenants will have the option of making one-time payments.

Rental property owners who choose paperless billing, notice of a new bill will be sent to both the registered email address and the courtesy email address. If you choose paperless billing, no paper bills will be mailed, regardless of the addresses on your account. If you choose paperless billing, you must contact the City to have the duplicate bill fee removed from your account.


Visit the City of South Saint Paul Utility Billing website to begin. If you have any questions about using this system, view our document (PDF) for a list of Frequently Asked Questions, or you may email or call 651-554-3209 for assistance.

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