2040 Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of South St. Paul is in the process of updating its current Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan is a planning document that contains information concerning a wide range of topics including goals and policies for land use, housing, parks and open space, economic development and transportation systems that will have an impact on land use within the City.  The City’s Comprehensive Plan was last updated in 2009, and contains projections for community growth out to 2030.  The 2019 update will extend the vision that shapes the City through the year 2040.

Draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan

When completed, the 2040 Comprehensive Plan includes vision statements, goals and policies for each chapter.
Draft chapters of the 2040 Plan can be found below:

Cover Page and Table of Contents (PDF)
Chapter 1- Introduction (PDF)
Chapter 2 - Background (PDF)
Chapter 3 - Policy Plan (PDF)
Chapter 4 - Land Use (PDF)
Chapter 5 - Economic Development (PDF)
Chapter 6 - Housing (PDF)
Chapter 7 - Transportation (PDF)
Chapter 8 - Community Infrastructure (PDF)
Chapter 9 - Parks, Trails & Recreation (PDF)
Chapter 10 - Critical Area  Plan (PDF)
Chapter 11 - Implementation (PDF)

Appendix __:  Comprehensive Plan Community Engagement Activities (PDF)
Appendix __:  Concept Plan (PDF)
Appendix __:  Economic Development Strategy (PDF)
Appendix __:  Southview Hill Plan (PDF)
Appendix __:  Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan (PDF)
Appendix __:  Parks and Recreation Master Plan (PDF)
Appendix __:  Airport Layout Plan (PDF)
Appendix __:  Comprehensive Stormwater Plan (PDF)
Appendix __:  Local Water Supply Plan (PDF)
Appendix __:  Well Record and Maintenance Summaries (PDF)
Appendix __:  Well Level Monitoring Plan (PDF)
Appendix __:  Dakota County ISTS Ordinance (PDF)

Future Land Use Map with Districts (PDF)
Future Land Use Map (PDF)
Existing Land Use Map with Districts (PDF)
Zoning Map (PDF)

2040 Plan Timeline

December 2019:   Submit Comprehensive Plan to Metropolitan Council.

November 2019:   Consider comments.  Edit, modify and finalize document.

June to December 2019:   Six-month review period by public and regional partners.  The City will continue to accept comments during this time.  Please submit comments early in the process to avoid significant issues raised at the last minute.  

Spring/Summer 2019:   City Council directs draft plan be sent to public and regional partners for review.

Summer 2018 to Spring 2019:  Development of draft chapters.

January 2018 to Spring 2019:  Planning Commission Worksessions and Public Hearings to discuss future land uses and concept plan.

September 2018 to 2019:   Joint Meetings of City Council, Planning Commission and Economic Development Advisory Board to discuss draft Concept Plan, Policy Plan, development opportunities, challenges and priorities.

September 2017:   City Council Worksession to discuss feedback from engagement process and review of draft Goals.

June to October 2017:   Six community engagement events held for residents and business owners to gather input from interactive exercises and a survey.  Online forum established for updates and community input.  Discover Together participated in engagement outreach events held at senior highrise buildings, youth oriented activities such as Swimming Under the Stars, Farmers’ Market and Kaposia Days.

The 2030 Comprehensive Plan remains in effect until the Metropolitan Council approves the 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update.

If you have questions or comments on the Comprehensive Plan Update, please email the Planning Manager, Michael Healy

  1. Michael Healy

    Planning / Zoning Division Manager
    Phone: 651-554-3217