Crack Sealing Streets

photo showing asphalt pouring into a crack in a street

The City began a program for crack sealing in 2019.  We started on the north end and sealed cracks on the streets from the northern border to Thompson Ave.  In 2020, we worked our way from Thompson Ave., and worked our way south to 2nd Street North.  In 2021, we will begin on 3rd Street North and continue southward to 3rd Street South.

The City works with other Dakota County cities to obtain the best bid prices from the contractor for this program.  The contractor’s trucks will move slowly along the streets, cleaning (using compressed air) and then sealing the cracks with a special asphalt mixture.  Typically, tissue paper is placed over the sealant and then it is safe to drive over.  

Because the contractor is dealing with several other cities and the weather, it is difficult to predict exactly when they will begin here in South St. Paul, but temperatures must be above 50 degrees and the project should be completed by mid-July.

Crack sealing is a long-term pavement preservation solution for our asphalt pavement.   Asphalt is flexible and it moves horizontally due to changes in temperature and vertically due to traffic loads.  This can create cracking as pavement temperature changes from summer to winter extremes.  Cracks can form, water and debris can enter the surface, and eventually potholes can form.  

2021 crack seal map