Do I need a fence permit?

Yes, the City requires a fence permit for any new fences that are installed or if fence sections are being replaced. This permit helps ensure that the fence meets zoning requirements, such as where it can be located on the property, maximum height requirements, and type of fencing material.

A copy of the fence permit can be found here: Fence Permit Application

Some of the fence requirements to be aware of:

  • Property lines must always be confirmed by the property owner prior to the installation of a fence. 
    • The City does not have service for finding your property pins. This can be done by the homeowner with the use of a metal detector. If you are unable to find your property pins, you will need to obtain a notarized consent form that is signed by your neighbors stating that they are ok with where you are placing your fence or have a survey of your property done.
  • Fence Height Maximums
    • Front Yard
      • Fences made of wood or other materials that are not 50% see through- 3.5 feet maximum height.
      • Fences made of chain link, picket, wrought iron or another approved material that is 50% see through - 4 feet maximum height.
    • Rear Yard
      • Rear yard fences can be up to 6 feet in height regardless of the material.
  • Corner lot properties cannot place a fence within the visibility triangle area. This applies to corner lots that abutt an intersection or an alley that goes onto the main road. Please contact the Community Development Department (651-554-3270) with questions about this.

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