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Street Projects

18th Avenue South from Southview Boulevard to Marie Ave.

Due to a severe watermain break, the City will be reconstructing this street in 2017. On July 31st, Danner, Inc. was awarded the contract.   and tentatively plans to start construction by the end of August with a completion date at the end of October.  

18th Avenue South Repairs Fact Sheet

18th AVENUE CONSTRUCTION UPDATE WEEK OF September 18th, 2017:  

The contractor is in the process of establishing temporary water for the residents on the block.  The water must pass water test and verified safe for consumption.  Once tests have been passed, work will continue.

2017-005 &007 CONSTRUCTION UPDATE WEEK OF September 18th, 2017:

The streets are generally complete, including sodding.  The City is working on a punch list of items for the contractor to complete.  

The Contractor will be sawcutting and sealing the street the end of this week.  Signs will be posted before work begins.  

Why Saw & Seal:
In areas where annual temperatures fluctuate severely, the saw and seal method is ideal for increasing the longevity of asphalt pavement.   Installing control joints at regular intervals in new pavement allows expansion and contraction.  Therefore, future random cracking is nearly non-existent.  This is similar to the traditional process of installing control joints in concrete.

Studies by State Departments of Transportation in northern states have shown the saw and seal method to be effective in significantly reducing long-term pavement maintenance costs.

2017-005 & 007 streets were approved for construction on April 3, 2017.  Park Construction has been awarded the contract for this project.  

The Contractor anticipates starting on Armour Avenue on June 19th, 2017. Work is expected to be substantially complete by late August.  Please review notice for project area map and construction information.

map can be viewed of these affected streets. 

2017-005 Mill & Overlay (M&O) Projects

2017-007 Bituminous Removal & Replacement (BRR) Projects