Right-of-Way Permits

The City of South St. Paul requires permits for work or obstructions in the City’s right-of-way. The South St. Paul Engineering Department uses the Dakota County One Stop Roadway Permit Shop to manage all right-of-way permits.

Application Process

Please visit the One Stop Roadway Permit Shop to begin the permit application process.

  • Obstruction permits are required if construction materials or Dumpsters/Storage PODS are placed in the right-of-way. The permit fee is $50.  When applying at the One Stop Roadway Permit Shop, please list the address where the obstruction will be placed.
  • Dumpster/Storage Pod Handout  
  • PLEASE NOTE:  Obstruction permits will not be issued during the snowplowing season.  
  • PLEASE NOTE: Obstruction permits will not be issued during active Spring Road Load Restrictions, unless approved for 9+ ton roads. Obstruction permits can be applied for as of March 10, 2023.
  • Utility right-of-way permits are required. The permit fee for a utility permit is $200.
    • A footage fee is $0.20 per foot over 500 feet.
  • Permits will NOT be approved until payment is received, unless approved for emergency situations. 
  • Utility Delay Permit for unreasonable delays may be charged at $200.

If you are first time user of the One Stop system, you will need to register as a new user by clicking the Create Account link in the lower right corner of the One Stop page. There is no fee to register.

Gopher State One Call for Excavations

Excavators (including homeowners), throughout Minnesota are responsible for notifying Gopher State One Call of their proposed excavations. The call center will notify participating underground facility operators, so they can mark the location of their facilities. You can notify Gopher State One Call at their website or by calling 651-454-0002.
If you are a contractor working for a homeowner, it is your responsibility to read the Gopher State One Call Handbook. This handbook is updated annually and is available for review on the Gopher State One Call website.