Utilities & Telecommunications

Electricity & Natural Gas

South St. Paul businesses receive electricity and natural gas services from Xcel Energy. Xcel’s Economic Development programs include a potential demand rate reduction of up to 40%, energy efficiency design assistance, and rebate programs for energy-efficient buildings. Contact Jake Sedlacek via email for more information. 

South St. Paul Water & Wastewater Utilities

South St. Paul's Water and Wastewater division operates a public water utility that owns and operates the City’s 7 deep wells, 2 water towers, and 2 reservoirs. Wastewater collection and disposal in South St. Paul, like most communities in the metro, is managed by the regional sewer system. Given the City’s heavy industrial history, there is the capacity for substantial industrial growth within South St. Paul. Please contact South St. Paul Public Works for more information about Water and Wastewater services. 


South St. Paul, in partnership with Dakota County and other municipalities in the County, have prioritized the implementation of a robust fiber-optic network to assure that businesses choosing a South St. Paul location have access to high-speed communications infrastructure well into the future. The City routinely includes the installation of conduit and fiber in road construction projects and is poised to add to its current network of over 3 miles of fiber in strategic locations in the City. 

Broadband services at download speeds of up to 1 Gbps are available through Comcast and CenturyLink in South St. Paul.