City-Led Initiatives

South St. Paul - A Proven Partner in Transforming Vision to Reality

South St. Paul’s leaders understand that the City plays a critical role in advancing the City as a great place to live and do business in, and we’ve committed to making sure that City-owned assets such as parks, roadways, and sites are commensurate with the high standard our business community has illustrated in its investments in SSP.

Hardman Triangle Study (2020)

Hardman Triangle

In April of 2019, the City put out a Request for Proposal for the Hardman Triangle. The Hardman Triangle is the triangular area located between Concord Street North, Hardman Avenue North and Grand Avenue East. The City received a number of responses from various consulting firms but ultimately chose the Cunningham Group to provide guidance on potential future uses for the area. The Cunningham Group has worked with Maxfield Research to create a market study for the area. Two presentations have been given to the City Council regarding preliminary results of the market study and preliminary options for future action or lack of action in the Hardman Triangle area. They presentations can be found at the links below:

Hardman Triangle September 30 Presentation

Hardman Triangle November 25 Presenation

Reduced Parking Minimums (2020)

Car Parking

The City is working to reduce off-street parking minimum requirements in areas such as multi-family developments, hotels, and financial institutions to allow businesses and developers to make more efficient use of their space. Additionally, shared parking with adjacent uses can be utilized to further reduce the amount of required off-street parking. The new, lowered parking standards were debated at City Council in Fall of 2019. The standards will be brought again to City Council in early 2020. Upon approval, the new standards  would take effect in Spring of 2020.

Southview Boulevard Reconstruction (2018)

Southview Boulevard Reconstruction

The Southview Boulevard Reconstruction project addressed aging infrastructure, improved pedestrian/bicycle and transit accommodations, included streetscape elements, and traffic operational and safety needs. The majority of construction was completed in late 2018 which included Southview Boulevard between 3rd Avenue and 20th Avenue, and 3rd Avenue between Southview Boulevard and Marie Avenue.  Landscaping elements will be completed in 2019. The project was built off the Southview Hill Plan's public input and land use vision to develop a roadway improvement project aimed to elevate the street's character and functionality.