Rebate - Rain Barrel & Rain Gardens

Apply for your "One Water" mini-grant rebate for rain barrels and rain gardens in the form below.  You will need to take photos of the properly installed Rain Barrel, and a photo or scan of the receipt.  In order to obtain the rebate, you must have met the following requirements:

Stormwater Runoff & Pollutant Reduction Rebate Requirements:

  • Applicant must be a South St. Paul property owner with non-delinquent water utility bill accounts.
  • Work for rain gardens and conservation initiative funding is designed to be fully funded from a combination of 50%-75% from Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) grants and 25%-50% through a combination of City funds and the mini-grant program.
  • Rain Garden Applicant responsible for securing the SWCD grants and any permits necessary for project, if required and/or submit proof of installation.
  • Rain Garden Applicants to show verification of the SWCD grant, and show receipts with dates for work and materials, and a photo of the completed rain garden.
  • All purchases for rain barrels must be made after grant approval and all receipts submitted on or before February 15, 2024.  The City’s available grant amount is based on the water barrel available from  You are not required to purchase your rain barrel from this source.
  • Funds are limited, applications processed based on order of receipt for qualified low income households (at 185% of 2018 Poverty Level per HHS Poverty Guidelines) and then in order of receipt.  See 2018 poverty guidelines at the end of this work plan.  Conservation Initiative Funding is exempt from this requirement.
  • The City may prioritize eligible items available based on the level of interest and the return on investment to City interests.
  • Any rebate requests over $600 require a W-9 from the applicant.


Matching Grants

Max. No. of

Eligible Items per Property Owner

Grant Match %**

Maximum Grant Award*

Rain Gardens (Landscaping for Clean Water)

SWCD Grant Match

Maximum of 1 at $1,000



Conservation Initiative Funding (Churches & Schools)

SWCD Grant Match

Maximum of 1 at $40,000



Rain Barrels

Maximum of 1 at $100



*Maximum participation in one of the stormwater runoff & pollutant reduction mini-grants per eligible property owner.

**Rain Garden and Conservation Initiative Programs are designed to be fully funded between the SWCD grants and the South St. Paul mini-grant program.