Rebate - Lead Water Service Line

"One Water" Mini-Grant

Lead Water Service Line Replacement


  • Applicant must be a South St. Paul property owner with non-delinquent water utility bill accounts.
  • The private service line must be active and serving an occupied building.
  • The City will require the applicant to show verification that the existing private service line is made of lead to the Pubic Works Department, and show receipts with dates for work and materials before February 15, 2024.
  • The recipient must demonstrate that bursting the line is not an acceptable option before open-cut trench excavation is allowed.
  • A permit is required for lead service line replacement.
  • Any rebate requests over $600 require a W-9 from the applicant.
Eligibility Requirements

Max. No. of Eligible Items per Household

Grant Match %
Max. Grant Award*
Replace lead service line (curb stop to house)
Public Works Department to Verify for Eligibility
1 at $6,000

Replace lead service line w/ street impacts
Public Works Department to Verify for Eligibility
1 at $10,000

*The grant is for 50% of the cost of the lead line replacement up to a maximum of $5,000.  

**The City is in the process of implementing a proposed lead service line replacement policy which would additionally help property owners with lead service line replacements via a multi-year assessment agreement at a very low interest rate.