North Concord Corridor Vision (2021)

Black and White Rendition of the properties along Concord Street

The City has planned for Concord Street North to be a mixed-use redevelopment corridor since 2004. Concord Street North is described as the area along Concord Street North between Grand Avenue and South St. Paul's north border with Saint Paul. In 2021, the City pursued an updated vision for the corridor in parallel with the street reconstruction of Concord Street North into a multi-modal street with improved street lights, additional sidewalks, safer pedestrian crossings, new bike shoulders, and connections to commuter bike lanes in St. Paul. In 2021, the City adopted an official vision for the North Concord Corridor and subsequently created a new zoning district with four subdistricts to implement the vision. 

The full North Concord Corridor Vision document can be viewed here.