2024 Private I&I Grant

The City, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Council, has approved a grant available to South St. Paul residents for the following eligible work:

  • Private lateral repair and / or replacement
  • Foundation drain disconnections and new sump pump, if associated with the foundation drain disconnect
  • Sewer lateral inspection and cleaning costs if:
    • Applicant meets the equity need or
    • Televising and cleaning result in repair or replacement of sewer lateral

Grant awards may be 50% of eligible costs up to $5,000. For private property owners meeting their municipality’s equity criterion, the grant award may increase up to $10,000.

Qualified spending on eligible work can happen between Jan. 1, 2024 and Dec. 31, 2024.

South St. Paul Residents may apply for this grant by filling out and submitting the application below.  Priority will be given to low income families, but it is not a requirement for receiving grant funds. You will only be eligible for 1 grant per household, unless grant funds are available for multiple. You will be notified if you are selected to receive the grant.

Work is to be completed after receiving grant approval.  Once the work is completed, you will be required to submit copies of your invoices and photos or inspection reports for verification and payment for the grant, which will be made available after acceptance into the program.